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Electric Motors in France

  • Crouzet

    Crouzet offers an array of micromotors including DC motors, brushless motors, synchronous motors, and stepper motors. Range of DC motors includes DC direct-drive brushed motors and DC geared motors with brushes with diameters from 24 to 63 mm, torque from 0.5 to 25 Nm, gearboxes, optical or magnetic encoders, EMC filter, and brakes. Range of brushless motors includes brushless DC motors, brushless DC geared motors and high-performance brushless motors with 20 to 200 W, 28 to 86 mm size, different gearboxes, 20,000 hour service life, ultra high speed of 50,000 rpm and high torque motors. The 0.5 to 7 W synchronous motors includes direct drive single direction synchronous motors, direct drive reversible synchronous motors, single direction synchronous geared motors and reversible synchronous geared motors. Direct drive and geared stepper motors features 2 and 4 phase, 48 pulses/rev resolution (7.5°), and gearboxes up to 5 Nm.

    State: TX
  • Leroy Somer

    Leroy Somer offers asynchronous motors, DC motors, asynchronous brake motors, and electromechanical geared motors. Asynchronous motors includes single phase motors in aluminum alloy housing and three phase motors in various configurations such as fixed speed, cast iron housing, aluminum allow housing, variable speed, and flameproof. DC motors are battery powered with low voltage, enclosed motors or network powered with enclosed or open designs and magnet or would inductors. Asynchronous brake motors are configured for general use single phase, general use three phase, lifting use, translation use, variable speed, Atex, variable speed Atex, food industry, and machine tool in cast iron or aluminum alloy housing. Geared motors are configured fro helical axial output, helical bevel, helical pendular mounting, worm and wheel, electric jacks, variable speed, integrated variable speed, Atex, Atex variable speed, and food industry.

    State: MO