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Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

Baumüller is an international automation partner for mechanical engineering. Components offered include automation, drive electronics, motors and software, and they excel in automation, software, sheet metal and cable solutions. Baumüller services are applicable to the printing, plastics, textile, packaging, bag manufacturing, extrusion, injection molding, drill press, and many other industries.

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  • in 3 Phase Motors

    Baumüller Nürnberg are manufacturers of 3 phase synchronous geared motors. Utilizing IP65 environmental protection, these three phase motors are used in robotics and material handling applications. There are air cooled and water cooled models available with transmission ratios of i=4 and i=8. Integrated planetary gearing includes low circumferential backlash (< 3') and low noise level (< 65 dBA).

  • in AC Motors

    Baumueller offers several types of AC motors, including compact servo, dynamic servo, high torque motors, three-phase, synchronous and geared motors. Their general purpose servo motors come with a shaft height from 45 to 280, in asynchronous and synchronous types, are IP64/65 non-ventilated or IP54 surface-ventilated, come with resolver encoders, and more. High torque motors range up to 32,000 Nm torque.

  • in DC Motors

    Baumuller supplies a line of industrial electric motors: disc motors in a compact, flat design with 36.5 mm axial space. The GDM DC disc motors are permanent magnet motors with ironless rotors and barrel commutators. The GDM 75-12 motors are designed with low inertia, minimal wear of carbon brushes, and suited for low powers up to 150 W or low and medium powers up to 4500 W. The GDM 100-250 DC disc motors feature barrel commutator, ironless rotor, wire bobbin, speed regulation, and flat construction. The brushless disc DC motors feature minimum indexing torque, compact design, high torque drive, ironless winding, and suitability for low and medium powers up to 6300 W.

  • in Electric Motors

    Baumuller manufactures electric dynamic servomotors for packaging machine, textile machine, plastic machine, handling machine, and small robot applications. The various motors feature nM of 4500 or 6000, with kW ranging from 0.55 to 22.8.

  • in Gear Motors

    Baumueller makes three-phase sunchronous geared motors, with high output torque, compact frame size, high efficiency of 98%, transmission ratios of i=4 and i=8, low circumferential backlash (<3'), lifetime lube, and a low noise level of <65 dBA. Their DSD 45-IPG4 motor features 1125 nM [min-1], 20,4 M0 [Nm], and 98 M0max [Nm].

  • in High Torque AC Motors

    Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH offers DSt Series high torque AC motors for a variety of applications, including: special machines, woodworking machines, machine tools, stretching units, wire-drawing machines, winders, press technology, rotary tables, plastics machines, etc. These motors have the following features: torques up to 32,000 Nm, IP54 protection, a smooth housing surface, a compact/robust design, low-noise output, low velocity, suitable for sophisticated direct drive technology, energy-efficiency, optional thrust bearings, etc.

  • in Pancake Motors

    Baumuller manufactures disc (pancake) motors in compact, flat designs that can fit in axial spaces as small as 36.5 mm. The GDM DC pancake motors are permanent magnet types with barrel commutators and ironless rotors giving them low inertia and high dynamism throughout the whole speed range. These include the compact GDM 75-12 Series and the GDM 100-250 motors, both up to 4500 W with barrel commutators and ironless rotors.

  • in Servo Motors

    Baumuller designs and manufactures the DSD series dynamic servo motors for highly dynamic applications with high acceleration capacity requirements. These motors are ideal for applications including packaging machines, textile machines, handling machines and various other material handling and factory automation applications.

  • in Synchronous Motors

    Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH. is a manufacturer of three-phase, synchronous-geared motors that are designed for high torque environments found in handling, robotics, and packaging applications. The company's synchronous motors feature transmission ratios of i=4 and i=8, and a compact frame size for space utilization. Other details of the motors include: low circumferential backlash (<3') and low noise levels (<65 dBa). According to the company, its DSD-IPG synchronous motor has an overload capacity that is up to 40 percent greater than comparable servomotors.