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Leroy Somer is an Emerson Group company with over 10,000 employees in an international network of over 470 facilities. Leroy Somer offers design services, consultant engineering and manufacturing services for the automotive, chemical, electric, elevator, food processing, sugar, textile, wastewater treatment and wind turbine industries.

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8100 W. Flourissant Ave
Springfield, MO 63136


  • in Brake Motors

    Leroy-Somer offers asynchronous brake motors in the following configurations: general use single/three-phase, lifting use, translation use, variable speed, Atex, variable speed Atex, food industry, and machine tool. LS FMC asynchronous brake motors have power ratings ranging from 0.06 to 0.37 kW, frame sizes ranging from 56 to 71, 4-6 poles, and 200/400 V voltages. These motors are constructed from aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber, zinc plating, and copper materials.

  • in DC Motors

    Leroy-Somer is a supplier of battery-powered and network-powered DC motors. The company's battery-powered DC motors are low voltage, enclosed DC motors that used in lifting equipment, medical equipment and pumps. Leroy-Somer's network-powered DC motors include: open DC motors with wound inductors, and enclosed DC motors with magnet or wound inductors. The open motors feature power from 2 to 750 kW or 0.44 to 8.85 kW, while the enclosed motors' power ranges from 0.075 to 1.3 kW.

  • in Electric Motors

    Leroy Somer offers asynchronous motors, DC motors, asynchronous brake motors, and electromechanical geared motors. Asynchronous motors includes single phase motors in aluminum alloy housing and three phase motors in various configurations such as fixed speed, cast iron housing, aluminum allow housing, variable speed, and flameproof. DC motors are battery powered with low voltage, enclosed motors or network powered with enclosed or open designs and magnet or would inductors. Asynchronous brake motors are configured for general use single phase, general use three phase, lifting use, translation use, variable speed, Atex, variable speed Atex, food industry, and machine tool in cast iron or aluminum alloy housing. Geared motors are configured fro helical axial output, helical bevel, helical pendular mounting, worm and wheel, electric jacks, variable speed, integrated variable speed, Atex, Atex variable speed, and food industry.

  • in Gear Motors

    Leroy-Somer produces electromechanical geared motors. Helical bevel models of gearmotors feature gearboxes with hollow or solid shaft. Helical pendular mounting model of gearmotors feature gearboxes with taper bush hollow shaft and with hollow or solid shaft or taper bush. Atex models of gearmotors feature geared motors with fixed speeds, variable speeds, and decentralized drives. Food industry models of gearmotors feature feared motors for food processing under very harsh atmospheres.

  • in Worm Gear Motors

    Leroy Somer offers six sizes of worm gear motors with features including output torque of 20 to 1500 Nm, power ratings from 0.18 to 9 kW, reduction ratios from 5.2 to 100, 55% to 88% efficiency ratings, and silent operation.