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Toledo Gearmotor

Toledo Gearmotor is an American manufacturer of right angle worm gear reducers and inline parallel shaft gear reducers. Located in Sylvania, Ohio Toledo Gearmotor has been providing quality products at competitive prices to the agricultural, door, and commercial industries since 1948. Toledo Gearmotor Company offers full engineering and machining services that can accommodate specifications for customer particular applications.

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  • in DC Motors

    Toledo Gearmotor manufactures inline DC gearmotors and right-angle DC gearmotors for various industrial applications. The company's gearmotors are available in aluminum and cast iron housings. The gearmotors can meet requirements for low, medium and high output torque.

  • in Electric Motors

    Toledo Gearmotor designs and manufactures electric motors including inline gearmotors and right-angle gearmotors. The company's gearmotors are available in aluminum or cast iron housings that are machined for accurate shaft alignment. By providing a variety of configurations the company's gearmotors are suited for low, medium, and high output torque applications.

  • in Gear Motors

    Toledo Gearmotor offers quality gearmotors, including right angle gearmotors available in 11 gear ratios, 56C frame (143 frame and shaft-mount units available), ratios of 5.5:1 to 80:1, 27 to 3.36 hp in, .14 to 3.06 hp out, and torque out of 239 to 1138 in/lbs. These right angle gearmotors are available with 3 output shaft extensions (left, right, both).

  • in Parallel Gear Motors

    Toledo Gearmotor supplies inline parallel shaft, die cast aluminum gearmotors, in both AC and DC configurations, in up to 10 gear ratios.

  • in Right Angle DC Motors

    Toledo Gearmotors provides a number of right angle gear reducers including the C55-HS model. This right angle gear reducer features output speeds of 172.5, 115, 86.25, 71.87, 57.5, 43.13, 38.33, 35.94, or 28.75 RPM; and ratios ranging from 10:1 to 60:1.

  • in Right Angle Gearmotors

    Toledo Gearmotor right-angle gearmotors are designed for smaller, lighter, and energy efficient power transmission applications. Options include input from 1/6 to 3 HP, gear ratios from 5:1 to 60:1, hp in .27 to 3.36, hp out .14 to 3.06, torque out (in-lbs) 239 to 1138, and a 56C frame (143 frame and shaft-mount unit available).

  • in Worm Gear Motors

    Toledo Gearmotor offers right angle speed reducers, parallel shaft gear reducers and gearmotors. Gearmotor features include bronze worm gears, ratios of 5.5 to 61, speeds of 28.8 to 375 RPM, .14 to .96 input HP, 114 to 332 in/lbs of torque, aluminum housings, and induction hardened worm gears.